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About Pine Tar

It simply started as an idea written on a post-it note after a high school baseball game. Doing what fathers and sons do and have done for generations. Talking about the game just played. The highs, the lows, and how to better in the next game. That post-it note has  led to an ideal presented on hats and apparel. Meant to be worn as a badge. An allegiance to playing the American pastime the right way. 

Hi, I'm Jeff.

Im a designer and a lover of the game of baseball. Many of my fondest memories growing up involves baseball. It’s brought joy,  heartbreak, and life lessons. It’s a simple game in principle, yet one of the most difficult to master. Ever try hitting a 90mph fastball or a curveball that starts at your ear and breaks over the plate for a strike? Or making a relay to home on a double down the line to keep a runner from scoring from first base? You get it.

Pine Tar Baseball Clothing Co. is about celebrating the game from the player’s perspective and from a fan’s deep devotion. A lifestyle brand you can wear with moxy and for fun. Make sure to keep in touch to get our periodic drops of new designs and products.

Founder/Designer/Baseball Lover
Jeff Ruprecht


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